Kuulas in English

Kuulas is an annually arranged Children’s Theatre Festival in Finland in Kouvola. Next time the festival will be arranged from 11th to 13th of May 2023.

Performances and workshops

Festival is organized by TNL that is an association for professional and amateur theatres together with the City of Kouvola and Kuusankoski and Kouvola Theatres. The annual festival hosts performances by one to three foreign theatre groups and up to ten Finnish amateur and professional theatre groups.

The festival also includes, among other events, workshops for children and adults, as well as a seminar on topical issues related to children’s culture. The festival’s program is aimed to 0–12 year olds and their families.

How are the shows selected?

The performances are invited to the Kuulas festival.

Theaters and theater groups can offer their own performances for a festival visit by contacting producer Mikko Väänänen: mikko(at)tnl.fi.