Earlier Years

How was the festival developed?

Kuulas got its start in 1988. The carrying idea for the festival became more focused after the festival had been held for the first time:

  1. The children’s own performances were to be highlighted.
  2. The organisers wanted more interaction between those working in the field of theatrics, on all levels. They wanted to show the professionals what children are capable of and how they visualise the world around them. This interaction provides professionals with basic information about what children want to see and what they want to do themselves.
  3. The organisers wanted to highlight internationality. The art of theatre is very much bound to the culture in which it is created. At its best, a foreign performance challenges its audience to see and experience things in a new way.

The festival got its name Kuulas in year 2008.

A challenging selection process

The program for the theatre festival is selected by the artistic director who has free hands to select the best current children’s theatre from within Finland and abroad. The selection process involves consideration for the age structure of the audience, since there must be something for all ages. Quality remains, however, the essential deciding factor.

A new artistic director for 2015 is Carita Välitalo who works as a principal in the Theatre and Circus School of Tikkurila.


Please see handouts from earlier years (in Finnish, pdf).

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